How do I onboard to Agentero?

On-boarding your agency to Agentero takes only 3-5 minutes.

1. Connect your AMS or upload contact and policy info via spreadsheets - To learn how to connect your AMS please click here. (1 minute)

2. Explore the preloaded data to see how Agentero works (2-4 minutes)

Once your data is synced (usually takes a couple of business days) then you can:

3. Start inviting your clients to the mobile app -

4. Start taking advantage of opportunities generated by our smart data science algorithms -

5. If you have signed up for our appointments to insurtech carriers, those will be integrated into the platform. If you have not signed up, feel free to reach out to us to learn more!

That's it! Now you can increase your cross sells and up sells and better service your customers.

[Optional] You can also take a look at your profile and your agency profile, here you can check the mobile customization (colors and CTAs) set up a referral program and add producers to Agentero. Agentero comes with unlimited licenses for your producers.