What are Agentero's E&O Requirements?

Agentero has specific requirements regarding your E&O coverage. Read more below.

General Requirements

Agentero requires agents to maintain in full force and effect an Insurance Agent's or Agency's E&O policy issued by an insurer rated no less than A- by A.M. Best.

Coverage Requirements

The policy must afford at least $1,000,000 of liability coverage per occurrence with a maximum allowed deductible of $25k.

Agentero requires that your E&O policy covers personal and commercial lines Property and Casualty insurance. If you are seeking appointments for life carriers, commercial auto carriers, or other lines of business, these lines of business cannot be excluded on your E&O.

Document Requirements

Typically we require the COI for your E&O policy. However, E&O policies can exclude certain lines of business, like commercial, personal, life, commercial auto, and more and while many carriers list exclusions on the COI, some do not.

We may require your full E&O policy, including all forms and endorsement pages. This is particularly true for Next Insurance, who has many exclusions on their policies and does not list these on the COI, as well as carrier's like biBERK and Hiscox.

How to Upload your E&O

Follow the instructions on this page to upload your E&O to Agentero.