How can I update my existing E&O?

Update your E&O on file using your Agentero portal. You will only see this feature if you are an admin. If you are not an admin, have your admin login to update it.

Read about Agentero's E&O requirements here

You must be an agency Admin to do this, if you don't see this tab, most likely you are not listed as one. Ask your principal to do it. If you are the principal and don't see it please email us at

1. Log in to

If your E&O is invalid, you'll be alerted on the Dashboard. Click "Review" to proceed (steps 2-4 can be skipped).

2. Go to the left side-bar and click on the "Settings"

3. Click on Agency Profile in the top bar

4. Scroll down until you find the "Agency errors and omissions" section and click on "Review".

5. A new page will pop up. If your E&O is not valid, you will find the explanations at the page's top. Kindly confirm that your E&O complies with the prerequisites, complete all mandatory fields, attach a PDF copy of your E&O Declarations page, and then select "Save changes."

6. Our compliance team will promptly validate your E&O. Once approved, your E&O status will change from "In Review" to "Approved".