Which comparative raters are supported by these carriers?


Bristol West, Clearcover, Foremost (Foremost Choice Home only in select states), Gainsco, Homeowners of America, Lemonade, MileAuto, and Openly.

PL Rater

Bristol West, Clearcover, Gainsco, Homeowners of America, Lemonade and Openly.

ITC Turborater

Bristol West, Clearcover, Foremost (Foremost Choice Home only in select states), and Gainsco.



Setting up carriers for Non-Enterprise EZLynx Accounts (those not accessing EZLynx through a aggregator/network)


Setting up carriers for Enterprise EZLynx Accounts (those accessing EZLynx through their aggregator/network)


If you have trouble adding any carriers, please contact support@ezlynx.com or enterprisesupport@ezlynx.com (only for member agencies who get EZLynx through an aggregator/agency network)

EZLynx for Openly

  1. Open up the Settings page within the Openly agent portal at the top of the screen.

2. Scroll down to the Access Keys section

3. Click the +Add Key button

4. A box titled New Key Access should appear. Under Type, select "EZLynx"

5. Click Save

6. DO NOT CLICK CLOSE. You will eventually close this box, but not until you finish the setup process. Copy the key code in the yellow box. This key code will be used in Step 12.

7.  Open another web browser window and log in to EZLynx.

8. Rest your mouse over the gear icon to display the settings menu.

9. Click on "Carrier Quoting Setup" at the top of the settings menu. (If this picture looks unfamiliar, try this)

10. You will come to a page titled "Manage Carriers". Find Openly and click on it. 

11. Clicking on Openly will bring you to the page below. Enter the email you use to log in to the Openly Agent portal, and paste or enter the Access Key code from step 6. Then click "Save and Test". 

12. You will know the setup was successful when a message at the bottom of the page pops up with the words "Carrier login successful". You may now close the access key code window in the Openly portal. 


PL Rater

To add carriers to PL Rater

  1. Log on to PL Rating with an agency Administrator account.
  2. From the Admin menu, select Manage Agency Information. The Agency Information page appears.
  3. Click the Carriers tab.
  4. Select the appropriate state from the list
  5. Select the appropriate line of business.
  6. Check the company that needs to be added to the PL Rating account
  7. Uncheck the carrier that needs to be removed.
  8. Click Finish.
  9. Verify the changes are correct in the summary and click Finish.



To add carriers to ITC:

  1. From the ITC menu bar, go to Administration.
  2. Select Edit Companies.
  3. Check the box next to the GAINSCO option(s). Complete any necessary information.
  4. Select Save Changes.
  5. Select Exit Administration.