What should I expect after submitting the form?

First we'll review your documentation and if everything is correct we'll submit it to the carriers. Below is a detailed explanation of what are the next steps you should expect from each one of them.


Hippo will email your credentials to access their portal.


Clearcover will invite you to an onboarding call and will receive credentials in an email.


Openly will be in touch shortly with you and will send credentials in email.

Aon Edge

Credentials will be sent to you by email from AonEdge.


Cover will provide credentials in an email.


Credentials will come in an email from Coterie.

Haven Life Referrals

The Agentero team will email you your dedicated URL for referring clients, so you can start sharing it with your clients and get commissions for each qualified lead* that your agency submits.

Get Covered

To receive your credentials via email you first need to watch this video and email appointments@agentero.com to let us know once you do it.

This is the only carrier that we work with that has production requirements. Depending on your selection in the form, we'll set you up directly or as a user under Agentero/Agency Hero where you will not have any production requirements.

In both cases, credentials will be sent from Pie to your email.


Branch will email you with an invitation to a training, after completing it, credentials will be sent to your email.


Currently, they don't have a portal for agents, you will be invited to start quoting in the platform via email, please note that your agent id is your email address.


If you have any questions or want more specific details on this process or current status, feel free to email appointments@agentero.com

* A qualified lead is a U.S. citizen or lawful resident, 18 years of age, with an active/valid email address who agrees to remain subscribed for a period of 2 weeks or more. Leads may not be generated by a “bot” or other automated technology used to submit emails to Haven Life. Any previously referred lead within the last 6 months is ineligible.