What carriers are you working with?

The carrier panel consists of Openly, Clearcover, Haven Life, Aon Edge, Coterie and Cover


Openly:  https://openly.com

Openly has customizable property products that are meant for residences with replacement cost between $250,000 and $3 million.  Their home insurance protects multiple types of occupancies ranging from primary, seasonal, secondary, and rentals. 


Clearcover: https://clearcover.com

Clearcover uses artificial intelligence to help with making Auto coverage recommendations, making them an affordable option for car insurance needs. Clearcover offers coverage for uber/lyft through endorsement. 


Haven Life:  https://havenlife.com

Haven Life offers term life insurance without the hassle.  Experience an online application that does not require a physical exam.  This product is competitively priced and offers many extra features. 


Aon Edgehttps://www.aonedge.com

Aon Edge is a leading provider of customizable private flood insurance for both residential properties in higher-risk and coastal areas where mandatory flood insurance is required as well as properties in lower-risk, non-mandatory flood zones. 


Cover:   https://www.cover.com

Cover uses a blend of mobile technology and automation to match individual needs with the right auto policy.  Being efficient saves your customers time and money. 


Coterie:  https://www.coterieinsurance.com

Coterie integrates insurance into its platforms and processes to quote and issue business insurance within minutes.  Coterie uses data-driven automation to provide accurate and affordable coverage. 


The panel will continue to expand over time.  As carriers are added, you will be notified and granted access.