What carriers are you working with?

The carrier panel currently consists of Aon Edge, Bamboo, Branch, Clearcover, Coterie, Cover, Cowbell, Elephant, Ethos, Get Covered, Haven Life, Ladder, Lemonade, MileAuto, Openly, Pie, Pouch, Sensa, StateAuto, Stillwater & Thimble.


Aon Edge

Aon Edge is a leading provider of customizable private flood insurance for both residential properties in higher-risk and coastal areas where mandatory flood insurance is required as well as properties in lower-risk, non-mandatory flood zones. 


Bamboo offers Homeowners & Dwelling fire providing more than just property protection, it protects your insured interests too. Key benefits include Individualized policies to match unique risk profiles, coverage limits ranging from $70K to $2M, and stand-alone Dwelling Fire.


Branch offers a digital experience that provides a bindable auto and home bundle by just entering in name and address.  They are competitively priced to encourage the bundling of auto, homeowners, renters, and umbrella.


Clearcover uses artificial intelligence to help with making auto coverage recommendations, making them an affordable option for car insurance needs. Clearcover offers coverage for Uber/Lyft through endorsement. 


Coterie integrates insurance into its platforms and processes to quote and issue business insurance within minutes. Coterie uses data-driven automation to provide accurate and affordable coverage. 


Cover uses a blend of mobile technology and automation to match individual needs with the right auto policy. Being efficient saves your customers time and money. 


Cowbell offers Cyber Insurance and policyholders get more than just a policy, they get resources to improve their risk profiles and the opportunity to reduce them. Is great for first-time buyers or businesses upgrading from a BOP or packaged policy.

Elephant is a customer-centric personal lines auto insurer, being big enough to matter but small enough to care.  Elephant gives customers the opportunity to save on insurance in a few different ways based on policy as well as driver and their lifestyles.


Ethos sells term life insurance backed by Legal & General America and multiple reinsurers. Its product is A+ rated. No medical exams or blood tests, just answer a few health questions online.

Get Covered

Get Covered offers renters insurance (HO-4) and rent guarantee insurance. Their automated and simplified solution makes it easy for clients to purchase and maintain insurance.


Ladder is a life insurance provider offering affordable Term Life insurance. No doctors, no needles, no paperwork when applying for $3 million in coverage or less, just answer a few health questions as part of the application. Clients can adjust their coverage as often as their needs change.


Lemonade is a  full-stack carrier revolutionizing the insurance industry by offering instant, hassle-free home insurance.  Whether via rater or agent portal, getting bindable prices is fast and simple.  Lemonade has instant underwriting decisions and powerful tools to give agents full control.


Hippo believes homeowners deserve better, cheaper, and modern home insurance.  Hippo rewards insureds when they make their home smarter and safer: A smart home kit is included at no cost for eligible policyholders and Hippo provides a discount on premium when it is activated.


Pay-per-mile insurance from Mile Auto is straightforward, easy to use, and can save drivers up to 40%. Customers need to take a picture of the odometer and send it to Mile Auto once a month, the less they drive, the more they save.


Next is a Commercial insurance provider dedicated to small businesses, including new ventures, with tailored coverages, monthly payments, and no cancellation fees. Next's quote and bind process are instant, without underwriting delays offering up to 10% discount by bundling products.


Openly has customizable property products that are meant for residences with replacement cost between $250,000 and $3 million. Their home insurance protects multiple types of occupancies ranging from primary, seasonal, secondary, and rentals. 


Pie makes getting workers’ compensation insurance for your clients easy. They offer a simple online experience covering almost 70 percent of class codes.


Pouch offers affordable commercial auto insurance with telematics to provide information that keeps employees and business assets safe. Designed for contractors, landscapers, florists, and other small businesses depending on vehicle fleets.


Sensa is a Personal Auto insurance provider offering real-time lifesaving services using a patented sensor free of charge. The sensor doesn't track driving behaviors and detects the accident as it happens to activate Sensa’s premium real-time emergency services.


Stillwater is an insurance provider offering a full suite of insurance products and services. Some of their product highlights are: Get an auto quote in less than 2 minutes, home policies with different deductible choices, Umbrella policies can be written as a stand-alone product, and commercial "quote and bind" in just 4 minutes.


Thimble provides insurance to 140+ classes of small businesses and professionals, from handymen to graphic designers, some of their highlights are Coverage terms from an hour to a full year or by the month and the ability to add additional insureds or change coverage limits instantly.

The panel continues to expand over time. As carriers are added, you will be notified and the carriers made available.