Understanding the commission statement

Detailed information on each section of the file.


Our commission statement has four sections: Summary, Transaction Types, Base Commissions, and Incentives.

Understanding the statement (1)


Overview of all the details included in the statement:

  • Month the transactions belong to.
  • Sum of base commissions.
  • Sum of incentives.
  • Sum of commissions due to Agentero (Cancellations/Endorsements)
  • Total commissions: Sum of the 3 prior listed.


Transaction types

Type of transactions you can find in your statement, and their current abbreviation.

  • NBS - New Business
  • PCH - Policy CHange
  • REI - Reinstatement
  • XLC - Cancellation
  • RWL - Renewal
  • RIX - Reissues
  • ADJ - Adjustment


Base commissions

Detailed information of all transactions that are being included in the statement:

  • The agent that bound the policy.
  • Policyholder's name.
  • Policy number.
  • Policy effective date.
  • Written Premium.
  • Fees and taxes (not commissionable).
  • Commissionable amount.
  • Commission schedule (rate).
  • Total commission amount = Commissionable amount times the rate.



Detailed information of all incentives that are being included in the statement:

  • Producer: when the incentive is linked to one more than one policy we use the first agent on the list as the Producer.
  • Bonus type: the incentive we are including in the statement.
  • Bonus amount: total incentive.