How do I verify my account?

Verifying your Agentero account is a simple process designed to ensure accurate access to our platform's features. You'll be alerted through the Agentero Dashboard whenever verification is required. These alerts will appear when your licenses or E&O are unverified.


License Verification: 

  1. Confirm How Your Agency Operates:
    Do you operate under an agency license in your AGENCY name that you've obtained through the state DOI? Or, do you operate under your own personal insurance license in your own personal name?
    You can adjust this information in Settings - Agency Profile - Agency Information - "Operating as".
  2. Update License Information: 
    Click "Update" on the dashboard task to access your agency/agent profile for license updates. 
  3. Provide Accurate Information: 
    Ensure you've accurately filled in the required details for license validation:
    1. Agency License Validation: Agency FEIN, License Number, Residency State, and NPN.
    2. Agent License Validation: Agent Social Security Number, Agent License Number, Residency State, and NPN.
  4. Automated License Validation: 
    The validation of your license is automated within the system and will yield an immediate result. If any of the mandatory fields are entered incorrectly, the form cannot be saved until the necessary corrections are made. However, it's important to note that you might still be able to save the form and dismiss dashboard tasks if the information you provided is accurate, but your license is either expired or inactive. In such scenarios, although the data is correct, access to Agentero features remains restricted. To address this situation, you'll need to take the following steps:
    1. Contact State Department of Insurance: 
      If your license is expired or inactive, it's recommended to reach out to your state's department of insurance. They will guide you through the process of resolving the license status. 
    2. Update Information: 
      To regain access to Agentero features, please contact our support team at We will assist you in updating the necessary information once your license status has been rectified. 

E&O Verification: 

  1. Update E&O Information: 
    Click "Update" on the dashboard task to access your agency profile for E&O updates.
  2. Meet E&O Requirements:
    Ensure your E&O meets our requirements. Fill in accurate details including:
    1. E&O Carrier Name
    2. Policy Number 
    3. Expiration Date 
    4. Coverage Per Claim Limit
  3. Upload E&O PDF: 
    Upload a PDF copy of your E&O document as part of the verification process. Please ensure that the information you provided in the previous step aligns accurately with the details in the uploaded E&O PDF to avoid potential account restrictions. 
  4. Compliance Team Validation: 
    Our compliance team will promptly validate your E&O. Once approved, your E&O status will change from "In Review" to "Valid".