How can I add more producers to Agentero and my carriers?

Agentero requires that any producer or CSR accessing our carriers be set up through Agentero. Keep in mind, any user that may be quoting and issuing business requires an active P&C license.

In order to add a producer or CSR to Agentero and your appointed carriers, please click on this link and complete the form (

A few of our carriers have a unique process for adding more users to their portal. You'll do this, after you complete the Add Producers form above, and received acknowledgement that the agent is being set up with Agentero. This process can take up to 15 business days, depending on the carrier.

American Modern, Branch, Bristol West, Clearcover, Coterie, Delos, Gainsco, Hiscox, Homeowners of America, Ladder, Next, Openly, & Pathpoint provide self-service capabilities for adding a producer; read the instructions below for each one of them.

For Next, your new producer must be an Agentero user, and if your agency is already appointed, by clicking on the "Go to carrier's portal" in the appointments tab, they'll be able to quote and bind too.

American Modern

  1. Wait until your Agency is fully appointed and has received login credentials to the carrier.
  2. Fill out the following form for the new producer.


Visit this link and submit a request.

Bristol West

  1. Login to Bristol West
  2. Go under the tab “Manage my Business”
  3. Click “Manage Licensed Producers”
  4. Click “+ Request new licensed producer” button
  5. Fill out the applicable info in the pop-up and click “Send request”


Login to your Clearcover portal, click on the Admin icon  from the left sidebar.

Click on Users.

Click on Create User.

Add all the details from your user (Admin, Agent, or Support Staff). Remember that agents can only be added to states where they are licensed. Individual licenses will be requested.


Login to the Coterie Dashboard

  • On the left navigation, go to “My Account” 
  • Select the “Agency” Tab
  • Scroll all the way down to the "Producers" section, click "Add User” and select either Licensed Producer or Non-Licensed Producer.
  • Fill out the form and within 15 minutes the user will be created under your Agency view page.


Producers can be added by the agency principal in the Delos platform.


On the Gainsco portal, the agency admin can find a link to add a new agent. In states with their new platform/product, the link will be a form to add the producer. In states with their legacy platform/product, agents will complete a different form, but use the same link.


Producers can add themselves through Agentero's Hiscox portal by clicking HERE.

Homeowners of America (HOAIC)

Go to the HOAIC add a producer page and submit the request.


Visit this link and submit a request

Note: We have a number of agencies with similar names, so after selecting your agency name, be sure the address matches your agency address.
Please leave the FEIN number blank if you don't know it, or if do no operate as a business entity.


  1. First, the agent must be added to the Agentero portal. Please be sure to complete the add producers form to do so
  2. After they are added, the producer can request a Next appointment in the Agentero portal.


Login to your Openly portal, click on the Down Arrow by initials in circle on the top right.

Select Profile Settings

Scroll down to Agency Users section and click on + Add User

Add the details from the producer you are including. Remember that agents can only be added to states where they are licensed. Individual licenses will be requested.

For more details, you can see this video.


To add a user to Pathpoint, follow the instructions provided by Pathpoint HERE.