Compare Quotes

After submitting your application you may want to export your quote results for a quote proposal.

  • To start, you will notice that every successful quote will have a checkbox. Select each carrier you would like to compare. You may select up to four carriers for one line of business at one time.
  • Click 'Compare Quotes' to continue. 
  • After you click 'Compare Quotes' you will see a preview of the information that will appear on your document.
  • To continue, click on the 'Download' icon in the upper right. There you will choose your file format. You can choose between PDF and Excel/CSV.

Note: You may notice that some quotes do not contain all of the information. This is because that quote is a preliminary quote. Additional underwriting questions are still needed to determine the exact quote. 

  • Once your file format has been selected you will see the 'Download Settings.' Here you can customize what information you want to populate in the quote comparison.
  • When you are done, click download. 

Now you have a side-by-side quote comparison!